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Our consultants are experts in the financial domain and have extensive knowledge in a variety of payment technologies.

  • End-to-End expertise in:
  • Payment Transactions
  • Reconciliation
  • Mobile Payments
  • Payment Processing
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Our products include solutions for Acquirers, Issuers, and Merchants such as:

  1. Cloud-based reconciliation
  2. Cloud-based Monitoring
  3. Cloud-based Switching
  4. Payment Gateways
  5. Merchant Products

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our values

  • A lot of consulting groups talk about quality but we really focus on quality in everything we do.
  • We formed Triser because we believe Clients want to do business with a firm that delivers on this promise.
  • We seek lasting relationships with our Clients and our Consultants. That is why we strive for win-win deals in all negotiations.
  • We always look out for the best interests of our Consultants. We never undertake any negotiations on behalf of our Consultants without their knowledge and consent.
  • We go the extra mile for our Clients.
  • We aim to provide the best available Consultant for our Client's requirements and budget.
  • Our executives have extensive experience in the Consulting industry which permits them to really understand our Client's needs. It also ensures we fulfill them.